My Reviews on Delhi School of Internet Marketing(DSIM)

Hello Everyone. My name is lakshita khanna and i would like to have your attention for few minutes as i am going to share few things about my journey with DSIM.

Reasons to join :

I was perusing bachelor in business management when i came across the scope in Digital Marketing by Delhi School of Internet
Marketing. I was very excited because digital marketing has been growing at an exponential rate. I was not even aware of what
is digital marketing. I attended the Demo that was of 2 hours. The Demo was awesome and mind blowing, Hence i decided to give
it a shot.

How was the course :

The Course covers 17 different modules. I started learning things by day one.The best part of training is trainer and their live online examples. i was able to make a website in just 2 or 3 hours and after few days i am watching them rank in google
top 10 ranking.

Really! That moment is something which i can never forget. I always wanted to learn Digital marketing bit i never knew that it was that easy to learn. DSIM made it really easy for me.
DSIM Faculty and facility :

I was trained by Industries expert trainers. they are not just a teacher but a mentor and guide too. All the trainers were highly knowledgeable and experienced. My special thanks to MR. Kunal Choudhary for sharing their immense knowledge with
us.Rest the tips and tricks provided by the trainers were too impressive and valuable too.

Support staff and placements :

the support department were too co-operative and ready to solve all the problems, issues and queries related to the training.The best part is we get backup classes and doubt sessions too.

The placement facilities were also good . we get a pool of opportunities. all we need is to have faith and prove our self in front of others.
what i conclude ?

I conclude that it has been one of the best decision of my life to join DSIM for digital marketing course.

Now you are wondering how i conclude that? so from financial point of view, for a newbie there is noting better to start
earning as much as 1 lakh per month even before the course conclude.
From skill set point of view, now i feel much more confident and sure about my knowledge and skills.

Why To join ?

As a digital marketer, all i can say is join DSIM immediately. Our time is limited, don’t wait for too long. i would like to urged you all to give you a chance to embark on this beautiful journey in Digital marketing with DSIM.

Here are some more reviews on DSIM :


5 thoughts on “My Reviews on Delhi School of Internet Marketing(DSIM)

  1. Sarita yadav says:

    The courses are challenging and can be overwhelming but in the end there a great experience .The trainers really want you to improve and care about you even outside of a classroom environment.


  2. Vandana singh says:

    DSIM is best. Very interactive and knowledgeable Trainer helped me to achieve my goal. They use simple language and easy example use to explain complicated topics. I found huge support and very friendly environment within the class.


  3. Kiran Verma says:

    Trainers discuss our problems with a personal touch. I enjoy the class sessions. I am happy to join DSIM for my digital marketing training. Classes are good. I appreciate their way of teaching.


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